Direct Selling Agent

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Direct Selling Agent

Direct Selling Agent

A Direct Selling Agent agreement is a legal contract entered into between a industry and an Agent approved to promote/distribute the product from a business on its behalf. The Direct selling Agent contract puts in writing the terms of contract between the industry and the agent and details areas equivalent to hassle of legal responsibility, territory, mental property usage, commission, return coverage, etc.,


This Direct selling Agent contract can be used through any industry wishing to appoint Direct Selling agents on it behalf. It is regularly utilized by the various leading banks in this country, who outsource this earnings operation both to contributors or to different institutions specialised on this challenge.


The Direct Selling Agent agreement must be printed on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper with a price of Rs.20/- or extra. The Direct promoting contract is made in two copies and the agent and the organization each should retain one original reproduction of the contract for their documents.

Who is eligible?

Institutional agency/Consultancy group, ideally, companies of Chartered Accountants, management Consultants, and so forth., who are offering monetary & investment Consultancy services are eligible for Direct promoting agency (DSA)

How to apply?

Application in the prescribed format is to be submitted to the Area manager / Officer-in-charge for empanelment. The important thing individuals / Senior officials of the college will be interviewed via the Area Manager / Officer-in-charge.

Job profile :

The DSA will must procure the Housing loan application from individuals together with the necessary  records, do preliminary scrutiny of the applications and thereafter ahead the identical to our area office along with the Cheque/Draft for the Upfront expenses.

The DSA will ought to affirm and make sure that the proofs of sales submitted by the applicants are exact.

A separate letter should be issued through the DSA in every case. The DSA should provide quintessential help to the area office as good as the applicant to complete the loan transaction speedily.